Daniel G. Smith – Shareholder

As the Vice President of Operations, Dan is responsible for the development and implementation of our systems and procedures.

These are skills he also uses in helping his clients run their businesses as efficient and profitable as possible. Like most of his clients, Dan is involved in farming and enjoys working out of the office. He can often be found at one of his client’s agricultural facilities where he consults on accounting, operational and tax issues. Dan has been referred to as the fertilizer of success and the almanac of a bright and profitable future. If you have a complex agricultural entity, Dan can find avenues to improve your business operations and reduce your tax burden.

Dan has a long history in accounting including time spent in both the tax and audit arena’s. Dan also oversees the firm’s Audit Department, assisting and reviewing our auditors in the preparation of Financial Statements. Even though Dan is a farmer at heart, he is also knowledgeable in transportation, construction, finance, real estate, and many other industries. Come see Dan and he will help you grow your green(backs)!


  • Bachelor of Accounting, Brigham Young University


  • Certified Public Accountant – Utah – Washington – Oregon